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Welcome to Soap Basket Boutique By Ani and your virtual trip around the globe for the perfect gift is about to begin!





At Soap Basket Boutique By Ani we have selected “Natural” soap, spa and wedding favor gifts which are unique, natural and have an "International" flavor that allows you to select products that you might never find in traditional retail stores. Your request to find a gift that says you put a great deal of “thought and care” into it is awaiting your selection after reviewing our beautiful gift sets. Our natural soap, spa and wedding favor products offer you a relaxing and healthy retreat from the day's hustle without leaving your home or spending extra money on products that will not soothe your needs. All our products are created in their respective countries by skilled artisans excluding Ghana where they are handmade in the USA with imported essential ingredients .

Thank you for shopping with us and once you relax in our natural soaps we look forward to seeing you on your next virtual trip with us around the globe. Our mission statement is what we strive for everyday:

"Let us travel around the globe with you and find together the perfect natural soap and spa gift basket that captures the quality, value and luxury that you deserve."

Ani Cavagnaro